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Rocky Bottom Retreat And
Conference Center of The Blind

The National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is not the characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day we raise the expectations of blind people, because low expectations create obstacles between blind people and our dreams. You can have the life you want; blindness is not what holds you back.

Located in the picturesque mountains of northern Pickens County, South Carolina just 16 miles north of Pickens, SC and 7 miles south of Rosman, NC on US Highway 178. Turn at the Retreat And Conference Center sign and the Rocky Bottom Retreat And Conference Center entrance is 0.2 of a mile on the right.

Rocky Bottom Retreat And Conference Center address:

123 Hancock Rd.
Sunset, SC 29685
864-878-9090 messages
864-878-7575 alternate line
Call before faxing!

Office address:

119 S. Kilbourne Rd.
Columbia, SC 29205
fax: 803-252-5655
E-Mail: nfbsc@sc.rr.com

Donald C. Capps, Chairman, Board of Directors

Rocky Bottom Retreat And Conference Center of the Blind is a very unique camp. As far as I know, it is the only one owned and operated by the blind in the United States. It is open year round free of charge to the blind of South Carolina and their immediate family. We have organized Rocky Bottom Retreat And Conference Center of The Blind for blind children as well as for the senior blind. We have seminars and training programs for the blind of all ages. This is a wonderful opportunity for the blind to get away for a week end or week for a wonderful mountain vacation. We also rent our facilities to other groups and individuals when not in use by the blind. That includes church, civic and business groups as well as others.

The facilities are available to the public when the blind are not using the retreat. Please contact the Resident Managers at the Rocky Bottom Retreat And Conference Center of The Blind for rules, reservations and available dates.

Resident Manager: Elsie Duncan

Rocky Bottom Retreat And Conference Center of the Blind is located in the scenic mountains of northern Pickens County en route to the summit of Sassafras Mountain, South Carolina's highest peak. This 30 acre site is a perfect setting for a blend of recreational and educational activities. Its natural mountainous location is especially enhanced by two richly flowing creeks which bound the Rocky Bottom Retreat And Conference Center of The Blind property, offering delightful acoustic and scenic beauty.

Since 1979, the experience and success of Rocky Bottom Retreat And Conference Center of the Blind has confirmed the belief that fellowship and interaction with other blind people is the best therapy for a person who is experiencing permanent blindness. This adjustment to blindness can be traumatic and debilitating. Rocky Bottom Retreat And Conference Center is an extremely valuable tool which helps in coping with many of the difficult and perplexing emotions that blindness creates.

The Rocky Bottom Retreat And Conference Center of The Blind is governed by an eight member Board of Directors with valuable input from an Advisory Board comprised of prominent citizens.

More than 1,000 blind persons visit Rocky Bottom annually.

Annual Summer Children's Camps - Each year, two weeks are set aside for blind youngsters from ages 6 to 16. They are taught skills to cope with blindness and that it is respectable to be blind. Utilizing blind counselors to act as role models, Rocky Bottom Retreat And Conference Center of The Blind provides all the experiences of any Retreat including swimming, mountain hiking, arts & crafts, cookouts, fishing and field trips. This is at no cost to the blind child or their parents. Limited transportation is also available.Vicki Black is the Children's Camp Director.

Rocky Bottom Retreat And Conference Center of The Blind offers, for the Senior Blind, - who are frequently overlooked, one week in the Spring and again in the Fall, an excellent opportunity to get away from it all and fellowship together. Activities and field trips make the week of Retreat And Conference Center quite enjoyable. Much is shared in coping with blindness during the week. Frank Coppelis the Director of the Senior Blind Camp.

Rural Mobility Camp - is offered to adjust those who reside in rural areas of the state to rural surroundings. Mobility and orientation with a white cane, braille classes and independent living skills training provide the blind with the tools necessary to live productively in more isolated settings.

It is our belief that with the proper training that the blind can perform as well as their sighted peers.

Annual Fun Day Festival held on Labor Day every year, offers an opportunity for food, fun and fellowship while raising the necessary funds to operate this retreat and conference facility year round for the state's blind community. Food, games, rides, yard sales, auctions, miniature golf, T-shirts, caps, live bands and singing groups combined with a $500 drawing at the end of the day makes for real excitement in the mountains! Plan to join us and see the Retreat And Conference Center for yourself.

Accommodations currently are for up to 100 with the new Ralph M. Ellenburg, Sr. Lodge. The blind of South Carolina stay free of charge. To request brochures, rules and regulations forms, please contact the Columbia office. To reserve accommodations, consult with the Resident Managers directly at the camp. Rocky Bottom Retreat And Conference Center of the Blind depends upon donor contributions from individuals, businesses and foundations to keep our operations going all year round. As a tax-exempt, 501 (c)(3) organization affiliated with the NFB of SC, any gift will be appreciated and is fully tax deductible.

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