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The official web site for the National Federation of the Blind of South Carolina

The NFB of South Carolina is a non-profit, private organization of the blind working together to improve the quality of life for all blind people in South Carolina. In order for its influence to be felt on a national level, the NFB of SC is affiliated with the National Federation of the Blind, the nation's oldest and largest organization open to all the blind.
With more than 2,000 members, the NFB of SC consists of 60 affiliated organizations, 57 of which are local chapters located throughout the state. There is also a statewide Student Division, Blind Merchants Division and a Parents of Blind Children Division. Wherever you live in South Carolina, we have a chapter near you!
The NFB of SC is an energetic organization dedicated to service and its continuing programs are always designed to improve the economic, social and spiritual lives of blind South Carolinians.
Meet the Blind Who Lead the Blind of South Carolina

Why every Blind Person Should Be A Member of the NFB of SC

There are so many reasons why every blind South Carolinian should become a member of the NFB of SC. Let's review just a few.

Individual Adjustment

Blindness respects no one. When it happens, the affected individual is thrust into an entirely new style of living. With the proper kind of help, that person will make the adjustment and go on toward productive and happy living. The NFB of SC provides a positive program of encouragement which emphasizes the respectability of blindness. The organization has more than its share of successful blind persons in all walks of life who have dedicated themselves to promoting the goals of the NFB of SC.

Opportunities for Service

The NFB of SC offers each blind person a wonderful opportunity to be of service with emphasis on involvement by the membership. The member may choose to serve on committees, as a chapter or state official, a director or even a national officer or director. The member's opportunity is limited only by their investment of time and energy.

Cash Awards & Scholarships

Cash awards and scholarships totaling just under $10,000 are given at the annual state conventions including home awards, scholarships and honor awards. We are confident that other cash awards will be offered in the future.

Transportation & Assistance Provided

The NFB of SC and its affiliates annually assist members to attend the national convention. This is a superb way to aquaint members with national programs and to put them into contact with other successful blind persons throughout the country. Many local chapters own vans utilized to transport members to chapter and NFB of SC activities as well.

Free Publication & Library Services

An informed member is a better member and the NFB of SC maintains a lively communications network. The Palmetto Blind is designed to keep the blind up-to-date on issues vitally affecting their lives. It's available in large print, cassette, braille and via E-mail. In addition, there are several email groups operated by the NFB of SC, in order to keep members and others informed of what is happening within the Federation community.

Financial Assistance

Interest free personal loans as well as business loans are provided. These loans have assisted the blind in a great many ways throughout the years. In distress cases, the NFB of SC Chapters provide financial assistance to chapters.

Legal Assistance

Whenever a blind person is discriminated against solely on the basis of blindness, the NFB of SC will provide legal assistance to protect the rights of the blind.

Referral Services

The NFB of SC is a unique source of information for the blind. If a need arises which may not be provided for in current programs, the NFB of SC will refer individuals to proper agencies for help. Here are a couple of listings which might assist you. More than 50 years of experience has equipped the NFB of SC with a wealth of information on the scope of community services.

Conventions & Seminars

Annual conventions, seminars and other important meetings are regularly scheduled to provide invaluable information and programs for the blind.

Social & Recreational Services

Photograph of members participating in the anual statewide picnicThe NFB of SC believes in wholesome recreational and social activity and maintains a year-round schedule of indoor and outdoor activities. Besides being a hard-working service organization, the NFB of SC is also a FUN group of people you'll enjoy being around.


The Federation Center Of The Blind
The Federation Center of the Blind has been providing a variety of quality services to the blind of the Midlands since 1961. This includes the latest in computer technology designed for the blind.
A photo of Rocky Bottom Retreat And Conference Center members
A photo of Rocky Bottom Retreat And Conference Center members playing outside with a giant red ball
A photo of Rocky Bottom Retreat And Conference Center members playing in the pool
A photo of Rocky Bottom Retreat And Conference Center members in front of a red ttrain
Rocky Bottom Retreat And Conference Center of the Blind , located in northern Pickens County en route to the summit of Sassafras Mountain, has been providing service to all the blind of the state since 1978. Two weeks are set aside for blind children and two weeks are set aside for the senior blind. Parents of blind children meet annually at Rocky Bottom. Rehabilitation clients have been given training for several weeks each year in rural mobility and orientation, Braille instruction, independent living skills and communication.
The Robert R. Bell Federation Center of the Blind, 1103 N. Harper St., Laurens, SC 29360, has been serving the blind of Laurens County since 1982.

Other Accomplishments

Throughout its more than a half century of history, the NFB of SC has worked hard to achieve worthwhile goals.
State Programs have always been important to the NFB of SC. The State Legislature has worked closely with the NFB of SC for several decades in the passage of almost 30 bills providing a variety of benefits to all blind people in the Palmetto State. These bills include establishment of a special state agency for the blind, the Model White Cane Law, a far-reaching vending facility law, homestead exemption, voting assistance, jury duty, provision for 4 year-old kindergarten, fair insurance coverage for the blind, a Braille Literacy Act adopted in 1992 and a legislative measure maintaining the integrity of the Commission for the Blind in 1993. The NFB of SC has also worked with the legislature in acquiring funding for the Commission for the Blind and the University of South Carolina's Special Education Program for training teachers of the visually impaired. Even if you have never been acquainted with the work of the NFB of SC, if you are blind and live in South Carolina, you have benefited from its work.
Public Education is another vital NFB of SC effort. The organization works constantly to inform the public about the true nature of blindness; what it is and what it is not. We use publications and other literature, talks and other presentations. Radio, TV and newspapers are also kept informed of group activities and relay these to the general public. We stress to business and industry the valuable skills of blind persons and work to push aside all barriers of misunderstanding about the blind.
The National Federation of the Blind of South Carolina has a lot going for it. But it needs something more. YOU! If you are a blind resident of South Carolina, won't you give some consideration to joining us? The NFB of SC is a positive mechanism through which your voice can be heard, your concerns appreciated and your goals achieved. Working together, there's nothing we can't accomplish. Already the nation's largest and most successful state organization of the blind, you can help the NFB of SC to be even bigger and better.


The NFB of SC receives no tax support from any governmental body and is financed through membership and support by an understanding and caring public.
The NFB of SC welcomes friends who wish to remember the organization in their wills, stocks, bonds, trusts, annuities and real estate. The NFB of SC was formerly known as the South Carolina Aurora Club of the Blind, Inc.